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I got permission from chibikits to do a short promo, so here'goes.

I just created a brand new community that needs traffic. It's a rating community type thing where you post 3 samples of your art, and accepted members vote "yes" or "no" depending on if they admire your talent as among the BEST or not. If you get more yes' than no's, you're accepted and can post regularly and vote on other people.

Yes, it could be called shallow. Yes, it may bruise egos. Yes, people will be biased depending on what style of art they like. (However, seeing as most of you are anime artists, you guys should probably have no problem with having a "controversial" style). Please don't take it too seriously.

If this sounds like fun to you, please click the link above and then READ THE RULES in the info. Thanks. =)

As promised, here's a sample of a recent little ditty I did with a mouse:

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