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Art swap/request needed

Alright.. here goes:

I have a request for all of you super-duper artists out there! I'm hell-bent on designing or having someone design for me a tattoo. It will be placed on my lower back, and the theme that I have is as follows:

1. I want it to have a good vs. evil theme-- a yin and yang, so to speak, balance, but also struggle. This is to show my own struggle between good and evil. Ideas that I've had in the past include a dragon and a lion entangled with each other in a fight, two faces, anything to show creatures of heaven and hell.. your imagination can be your guide!
2. It can have an anime, or a tribal flair. It'll be done in simple black and white with bold, uneven strokes.
3. Clean and professional is key! I really want this done nice.

Of course, I have final say in whether I get it or not, because I want something that reflects what I'm looking for. I'm a really picky person, but I'd love your input and/or submissions. If I decide to go with your design, I'll give you full credit in my livejournal, and my own art sites on DeviantArt and also Elfwood, and a link to your art site/livejournal. I'll show you pictures of my tatt when it's done!

Anyone up to the challenge? :) Here's my own submission for the day.
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