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meeeeeeeee = neeeeeeeeew

hey hey people, I'm new :)

I joined for two reasons. One, because I have just started up a community of my own called artists_elite and two I need tips here and there If I ever want to improve my drawing technique.

My community was designed for people who like to do silly, non-sensical drawings from time to time and enjoy a good laugh. I created it for those of you who Like to show off their idiotic drawings to the world just to show everyone know insane you really are. However it isn't a community to make fun of other people's drawings. Just wanted to clear that up.

Go check it out! artists_elite

My name's Jules. These are my drawings. I don't draw very often but then I do happen to be inspired I can usually create something that's somewhat cool. Most of the time when I draw something it's crap. It's really once in a blue moon that I can come up with something good.

Some DRawings of mine.

These are my boobs.

feedback would be great, thanks :)
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