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Art Request

My friend is writing a really cute story, and I was thinking I could surprise her with a drawing of one of the scenes. Unfortunately, I can't draw for anything, so I was hoping that someone here could do it. You would get full credit, obviously.

Here is the picture I would like drawn (copied directly from her story):
She took out the other photograph she kept in that frame, the one behind her and the girls. This was a photo that few even knew existed. Ellie turned the 4x6 bit of paper. Facing her now were only two people. One was Ellie herself, with her hands raised to her shoulders as if she were being held up in a robbery. She appeared to be laughing, and her eyes were filled with joy and amusement.

The other person was a tall young man of about nineteen, with short dark hair that was mostly hidden by a baseball cap. He was turned so that most of his face was invisible, but his profile clearly revealed that he too was smiling. He was also pointing a large plastic squirt gun at Ellie...

My friend says Ellie is supposed to look a little bit like Emmy Rossum. She can't think of a model for the guy's appearance, but you can find a full description of him in the story.

Here is the story.

If anyone could do this, I would be ETERNALLY grateful, and so would she.

Thank you in advance!

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