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artfanatics's Journal

Art Fanatics
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art: (n) the products of human creativity
fanatic: (n) a person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

Welcome to AF (Art Fanatics), a visual-oriented community on Livejournal.com!

Out goals revolve around providing a place to post one's art, while recieving constructive criticism in return.

We also hope to bring artists of various genres of art together in one friendly community.

Keep in mind that EVERYONE is welcome to join this community; whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced artist of whatever genre, you're welcome. (after all, this community is semi-critiquing and EVERYONE can improve in one way or another...)

On that note...all forms of art are welcome as well! Whether it be drawing, computer art, layouts, avatars, etc...as long as the content is something with some creativity put into it, it's welcome!

Another purpose in which this community was created was in order to give people a chance to request fanart (canon/original/neopets/etc) from others and/or request their picture to be CGed (coloured via Adobe, PSP, etc...).

Although, if you wish to request fanart/CGing of anything, then please make certain to provide the following:

--Make certain to give complete information regarding what you wish to be drawn.
--Provide a reference pic if possible; it usually helps out a LOT.
--Once someone (or some people) have offered to do your request, please be patient; they're willing to do it for free, so goshdarnit you're going to be nice to them!

--Make certain to give complete information on what's to be coloured and how it's to be coloured.
--Include the picture you wish to be coloured; pretty obvious, hmm?
--Once someone has offered to do your request, be patient.

Community Rules:

01. For all images larger than 300x300 in demensions, PLEASE use an LJ-cut. It'd be much appreciated, especially by those who're on a slow connection. (if you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, it's [lj-cut text="link text here"]stuff goes here[/lj-cut] -- replace the barracks with the usual < .. >s)

02. If you're going to post content which contains R+ rated material, PLEASE make certain to give warning PLUS use an LJ-cut.

03. Commenting is great, but constructive criticism makes things even better (along with letting the artists know what they can improve on!) Don't snap back/bitch at people who give you constructive criticism at the risk of suspension/banning from the community; on the other hand...when criticising someone, be sure that it's CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. (example: I really liked this, but there were a few little problems that I saw that I want to point out. [such and such] was a little out of proportion, and I don't think the colors fit the overall tone of the piece...But I really like how you did [such and such].)

04. Downright bashing of a member or another's work will NOT be tolerated. AT ALL. Anyone who's caught doing such WILL be banned from the community.

05. Treat all other members with respect.

06. Spread the word about this community!!

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Contests will be held every now and then; hopefully once every month or once every other month. Prizes more than likely will be LJ-oriented (aka Paid accts, LJ codes, etc...)