Jade (dragonempress99) wrote in artfanatics,

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Got bored, made some KH/KHII icons o_o That are too big for LJ but oh well. >>;

Feel free to take them, just let me know which ones you take ^^ (if any).

2. (works for LJ)
3. (older)

>>; I'll make more later, I need to do hw, now. o_o
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I'm not exactly a KH fan(as I have never played it), but I like these. You might want to make the first one looping, and perhaps slow the last one down a bit, as it's pretty much impossible to tell what it is.

Also, what animation program are you using? Because for icons that have so few frames, they're awfully big. The second one especially, since it's not even a moving one. If you plan on making a lot of icons(which I think you definitely could, since you obviously know what you're doing), you might have to sacrifice the picture quality a bit so they can fit within LJ's restrictions. That is, if you even care.

Anyway, nice work, keep it up.
Bleh, I know X_x; The file size is murder. I use Jasc Animation Shop 3, since it's the only one I could find for free *cheap*, any sugjestions on better animation programs?